About Us

About Us

Usha Tech Solution offers affordable web designing & development services in Bhopal. Get the best services at a very reasonable price. To know more about us, call us on 0755-4250963!

USHA TECH SOLUTION (UTS) is a worldwide provider of professional IT services. UTS works with many of the most successful companies in the India. We provide complete software/website solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge.We provide solutions and services which promise multidimensional business growth to our clients,with our exceptional expertise in website designing & development, mobile application development, Internet marketing and MLM Website development &other services.

At USHA TECH SOLUTION, we continue to work with the mission of disseminating software knowledge. Delivering world class software solutions and deploying software applications to the full satisfaction of our customers.

USHA TECH SOLUTION is the synonym for one step service provider. Our clientele and past projects prove that we are well-equipped in developing solutions for different platforms & customers such as Finance, Management, web-based software development.

ABOUT OUR SISTER WEBSITE - Social Technology Services

We are dedicated to delivering public hotspots and access points across the country connecting Bhopal in Markets, restaurants, airports, education establishments, hotels, hospitals, commercial establishments, and much more. After installation of free Wi-Fi hotspot we received a tremendous response from users near about hundreds of Wi-Fi users per day and 10,000 hits per day we are getting in the New market area.

How does FREE WiFi work?

Cloud-based, it works globally with your existing hardware and internet connection. It has a simple, social user login process. It is secure and content filtering. We have both a free and paid for the product.

See FREE WiFi in action

Every business has the potential to use FREE WiFi features in their own way. We’d be happy to show you a demo or talk to you about the application of our software within your business.


Sharing, Wi-Fi password puts your network security at risk by opening up for terrorist and anti-social elements. Free WiFI makes sure that your login process is safe and secure


Free WiFi will help you in marketing your place/cafe or restaurant among people searching for free Wi-Fi hotspot. Drive more customers from your existing internet infrastructure.

The modern consumer considers connectivity essential. Wi-Fi gives you the power to connect your customers and connect your business to your customers.

Provide a Free Wi-Fi connection to your customers Enjoy increased foot-fall and longer patronage from connecting customers Studies show that 73% of consumer will spend longer in the store if there is Wi-Fi

Strengthen customer loyalty & build powerful marketing Start creating a database of of your customers and communicate tailored messages to them

Promote your business and build your social media profile Use social integrations to Gain "Likes" on Facebook and "Check-ins" in your venue and engage with your customers.

We Provide the best solution in IT Many appliacations here like .net, PHP, Android, Java, MS Sql Server, HTML5, JQuery etc....