Payment Gateway Integration service in Bhopal

Payment Gateway Integration service in Bhopal

Are you worried about decreasing your offline sales? Have you tried to find out the exact reason behind this decline? I'm also a businessman I have find out the reason behind this,Internet is becoming famous in all public a large number of people prefer buying products or even services through internet.

A Payment Gateway Integration services is an e-Commerce service, a process which allows payments for e-business, online retailers, online transactions and credit card transactions for the customers after placing an order. It is typically a payment process from various banks and other transaction applications. Usha Tech Solution offers Payment Gateway Integration Services for Website Portal Development.

Most gateway services are provided by third party companies like PayPal, Google and Authorize.Net as well as banks. You would need a merchant account to set up your payment gateway portal.

How payment gateways work:

  • Encryption: The web browser encrypts the data to be sent between it and the vendor's web server. The gateway then sends the transaction data to the payment processor utilized by the vendor's acquiring bank.
  • Authorization Request: The payment processor sends the transaction data to a card association. The credit card's issuing bank views the authorization request and “approves” or “denies.”
  • Filling the Order: The processor then forwards an authorization pertaining to the merchant and consumer to the payment gateway. Once the gateway obtains this response, it transmits it to the website/interface to process the payment. Here, it is interpreted and an appropriate response is generated. This seemingly complicated and lengthy process typically takes only a few seconds at most. At this point, the merchant fills the order.


  • Years of experience in offering comprehensive payment gateway integration services.
  • We harness cutting-edge, advanced payment gateway technologies to provide a secure and user-friendly experience.
  • Secure and easy-to-use payment gateway platforms that deliver enhanced user experience.
  • Add value to your ecommerce business with effective payment gateway solutions from USHA TECH SOLUTION.

Wrapping up:

Payment gateway integration service saves a lot of time and effort spent while standing in queues for making payment. An individual can make online payment anytime and from anywhere. The things he needs is an internet connection, computer, and the credit card. It is an essential part of your web marketing strategy and must be taken into consideration while devising new ways to boost up your sales.

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