Best Purchasing, Sales and Inventory Management System

Best Purchasing, Sales and Inventory Management System

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Supplier Management

  • You too easily manage all your Supplier details in one location.
  • Define Supplier Payment Terms in supplier details to help you make timely payments.
  • Make payments to your supplier through Supplier Payment form. This helps you to pick up all due and pending payments.
  • You can make payments to supplier through payment modes like cash, cheque, bank transfer, Financial Account and by discount.
  • If you forget to make an entry for the payment made, make entry for payment made on a back date.
  • Financial accounting entries will be created on the date, which was selected while creating the Make Payment to Supplier document.
  • You can define opening balance of the supplier if there is any.
  • You can clear other pending amount of supplier.

Purchase Order

  • Purchase order helps you keep track of all orders placed with your supplier.
  • Once you have Received Items from supplier your PO's status becomes complete.
  • Supplier and Purchase accounts get credit and debit based on your purchase made..

Receive Item Entry

  • Gives you flexibility of adding simple or advanced receive item entry as per your business needs.
  • Receive items from supplier by filling Receive Item Entry and increase your stock.
  • Receive items from your supplier with various discounts.
  • Our system calculates Effective rate per unit of your item based on price and discount applied.
  • For large data entries keep your RIE 'On Hold' or in 'Draft' mode and complete it later.
  • Give Labels to your items at time of RIE.
  • Pay in cash will directly deduct the amount to be paid from the cash register.
  • Add Additional expenses for your purchase in RIE and apply it to all items to calculate effective rate per unit.
  • Helps you decide your sales price based on your purchase price.
  • In receive item entry will show you your Markup and Margin over purchase price in percentage.
  • Allows you to make a copy of an existing (old) purchase bill, you to make modifications if you need and receive the same item list quickly.

Purchase Return

  • There are times when we receive faulty items or receive items from supplier which were not ordered.
  • Such items are returned to supplier by filling Purchase return form.
  • The Stock of the items that are returned gets adjusted automatically.
  • Reverse FA effects happen. Supplier gets a debit and purchase account gets credit.

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